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End defecation problems with Colorec!

A simple bowel aid to help you regain happier toilet times

Created by a doctor, recommended by doctors

Non pharmacological, non surgical treatment and prevention for posterior anal fissure

Ease of defecation, ease of mind



Colorec is a patented bowel aid created by a doctor with comprehensive experience in anorectal disorders. It is the only special toilet seat that has incorporated Posterior HPS. HPS is the latest technology in treatment of many perineal disorders including Anal Fissure, Haemorrhoids and Constipations.


Colorec diagram 1


 Why Colorec?

·       Easy and safe to use

·       Anatomically designed to provide the right support and comfort

·       No need medication, non-invasive

·       Treat the symptom and can help cure the cause at the same time


 Who would benefit by using Colorec?

·       Patients with hemorrhoid, anal fissure, constipation, uetrine prolapse, hemorrhoid prolapse, rectal prolapse etc.

·       They can also be elderly, pregnant, obese etc


Colorec diagram 2


Many perineal disordres such as hemorrhoid, anal fissure, rectal prolapse and constipation are caused by long term straining,  pressure onto the pelvic region, damage to pelvic floor. These causes in return also cause sagging of pelvic floor hence causing constipation again in a vicious cycle. This vicious cycle is the most important factor of perineal disorders.

50% of constipation cases are characterized as obstructed constipation, due to pelvic floor sagging. Pelvic floor sagging can be due to obesity, childbirth, aging, hemorrhoid, chronic constipation.

Colorec corrects obstructed stool passage by straightening it, thus allowing smooth passage of stool out of the anus.

Hemorrhoid is very common nowadays. Even 33% to 80% of pregnant women has hemorrhoid. By easing defecation, hemorrhoid can be prevented or reduced over time.

Anal fissures are caused by overstretching of the anus. Anal fissure are difficult to heal due to repeated overstretching and tearing during defecation. Colorec avoids overstretching of the anus thus avoid occurrence of anal fissure, as well as allowing anal fissure to heal.


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