About Us

Company Profile:

GenkiMed Sdn. Bhd. is a medical device company in Malaysia, which specializes in importing and distributing innovative medical devices.

GenkiMed is founded by doctors for the doctors in Malaysia. We are well versed in the Malaysian healthcare market and have an extensive network of Malaysian doctors.

We help Malaysian doctors increase revenue and cut costs through a range of innovative products and services, such as GenkiMed Purchasing Club.

We help foreign medical device manufacturers to enter the Malaysian healthcare market and capture market share.



Our mission is to help Malaysian doctors to increase revenue and to cut costs to the lowest.

We also help foreign medical device manufacturers to import, distribute, market and promote their products in Malaysia.

We adhere to quality and provide only the best options available for our clients.


Our Team:

Our team consist of medical and business professionals with backgrounds in Family Medicine specialty, Men Health specialty, R&D, Public Health, Health Marketing, Internet marketing, New Technology Commercialization, New Technology Venture, Telemedicine etc.

Our partners include professional investors, seasoned business consultants, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, doctors and academic members.